"Living with a disability is kind of like driving around in an old '62 Chevy Bel Air, with the Powerglide transmission ... and no revers.  It's not all that different.  It's just that, sometimes, you have to think about it."

Unless you are one of those folk who come home from a nice sweaty run or a bike ride or a pick up game, plop down in the lazyboy and kick off from a massive heart attack, chances are you are going to spend some of your time living with a disability. The amount and quality of living that you do and enjoy will greatly depend upon what you truly know about living with one, and, how accessible and accommodating the world around you happens to be at that time.

Currently, there are many, many people fighting an uphill battle for that access and accommodation. They are stubborn. They fight with a tenacity and sense of urgency that comes from knowing oppression and understanding that time matters. They may appear selfish or self-serving, but not really ...


"You Must Be The Change You Wish To See In The World."
- Mahatma Gandhi

If we are to make this world a better place for everyone we must make it a better place for those of us living with disabilities, for we are everyone, now and someday.

This site is about enlightened self-interest, yours, mine, everyone's; about recognizing today's injustices and tomorrow's possibilities. We ALL need to find connection with the struggle for equity and respect for ALL people. Take ownership, and work to create a more understanding and supportive world.

There is a wealth of wisdom and knowledge out there regarding ways of improving the world ... our schools, businesses, communities ... for all of us, including people living with disabilities and much of it can be found in the voices and stories of Disability Culture. This site is a connection to some of those voices and stories.

I am one of you, I am one of us, and this is my website. Welcome and Enjoy.