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All Works on this page may be copied and used. These are the many voices of Disability Culture. Please, though, credit the authors.

***NEEDED: I am developing a curriculum and am in need of information regarding people living with disabilities, past and present, who have contributed to our humanity; to civilization. To spur your juices please read the "Timely Essay" below. Please email me at wheelchairboy@glasscity.net

Thoughts on Our Disability Culture

by Dan Wilkins

Why We No Longer Use the H Word

Thoughts on the International Access Symbol

A Timely Essay (Teaching REAL History)

It's A Human Thing

HOW? -A Perspective Piece about Euthanasia

Cool Books and Magazines for a Better Understanding of Our Culture and Beyond

Just Another Day at the Mall

A Visit to the Titanic

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Save the World

On Normalcy

On Access

On Professionals

On Connection

On Shared Oppression

On Listening

On Labels

On "Making it" while living with a disability

Advocacy Related Writings by Others


WE MEDIA's Historical Timeline for Disability Culture

A Little History Worth Knowing by Timothy M. Cook

Andy's Big Day

A Message From Justin Dart

There's no such thing as a "mercy killing" by Mike Ervin

Tips for Job Hunters with Disabilities by Dr. Katherine Schneider, Ph.D.


"You Get Proud By Practicing" by Laura Hershey

"Advice to Professionals Who Must 'Conference Cases'" by Janice Fialka

Poems of Students and Young Leaders

The Kansas Partners In Policy Making Poetry Workshop (new 03/30/06)

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