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As an advocate and graphic artist, I would be happy to help you design a conference logo, theme, brochure, etc. I also have a wonderful pre-registration incentive package that may be right for your conference. Let me explain how it works:

To begin with, all conference planners understand the importance of pre-registration. Any added time with the knowledge of who and how many will make the show run smoother. Minimizing last minute registrants eliminates many of the logistical nightmares: lunches, session over-crowding, etc.

Secondly, it benefits the conference and future attendance to have some sort of ongoing message that speaks of your conference and mission. The beautiful thing about t-shirts is that everybody wears them (when they are both designed well and meaningful) and everybody reads them. They are a wonderful medium for perpetuating your message. The problem with printing shirts for conferences has always been in determining how many and what sizes and what do we do if we are stuck with a huge box of old t-shirts. What a waste!

My solution is this:

1. Whatever you are charging for your conference, add $7.00. This will cover the cost of shirts and, because everyone pays it whether they pre-register or not, you will have some left over to help with those last minute incidentals.

2. On your pre-registration information and card you let people know that if they pre-register by a certain date (whatever makes logistics easier for you) they will receive a free conference t-shirt designed by The Nth Degree. Then, have boxes on the return card indicating sizes Small through 3X with an “other” line for registrants to write in 4X or 5X if necessary. You may want to have a line offering an opportunity to order a second or third additional shirt (for a price that you can determine and list there). This gives you EXACT numbers and sizes for your order.

3. Order accordingly, with a few additional if you wish to have some to offer latecomers (at the price determined above). As people register the morning of the conference, their packet indicates whether they pre-registered and, if so, their size. A shirt is pulled from the box of that size and, Voila!. It is that simple. People are happy to get a neat shirt, planners are happy with pre-registrants, and no one is stuck with a box full of obsolete and wrong sized shirts.

If you are interested, I would be happy to work with you on this endeavor as well. As your theme becomes real, perhaps a powerful quote will come to mind. I can offer several. I can also share with you other conferences and planners for whom this has worked, or, to show you the quality and style of my work, send you a few shirts. I also do bags, sport bottles, etc.

Things to think about. If you wish to use the service or have further questions, you can email me from the column on the left.