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DESCRIPTION: White letters on the front of a Navy Blue Shirt saying "Self Abuse: It works for me."

COMMENTS: I did this shirt because it was an actual quote from a guy who lived it. So many of us see self-abusive behavior as inappropriate, to be stopped at all costs, instead of what it truly is: communication. At Chicago TASH, I had eighteen of these shirts. Some guy bought every one...for his friends. I want to go to his parties.


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DESCRIPTION: Black shirt with White letters down the front saying, "I have Attention Deficit Disor...Hey! What's that?! Can I play with it?"

COMMENTS: Those of you who, like me, have ADD, I commend you for getting this far on this website.


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DESCRIPTION: White letters on the front of a Black shirt which read, "Apathy: I don't care about apathy".

COMMENTS: I did this for all my friends here in Northwest Ohio where apathy seems to be a state of mind.


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DESCRIPTION: Gray shirt with 60's style underground comix type cartoon of secretary speaking on phone in background of office while burly boss is in foreground slapping around an underling.

COMMENTS: This is artwork is one of many by my air force buddy Will Rogers. It is especially humorous in Toledo where we had a less than popular, spotlight-hogging mayor named Finkbiner, (now a TV news anchor, go figure) who once felt a solution to the excessive night time noise brought on by a new freight company at Toledo Express Airport was to have all the Deaf citizens move out by the airport and into the homes being vacated by frustrated hearing folks. Even more appropriate to the shirt was the ex-mayor's propensity for settling disagreements with fisticuffs (and you probably thought Toledo was boring). Folks make the association. Funny thing is, Will had never heard of our mayor.


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DESCRIPTION: White shirt with Blinko artwork on front of an old VW bus with a clown driving. Clown looks just like the clown head adorning top of bus. Sign on side of bus says, "Blinko the Clown: the only clown in town who can pop his eye out" Around artwork it says, Blinko the Clown may have lost an eye but he hasn't lost his sense of humor"

COMMENTS: I did this shirt to say that not only is having a sense of humor important to living with a disability but that the disability can be an real asset.


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DESCRIPTION: White shirt with Black letters on front saying "Bureaucratically Impaired". The letters are wrapped in red tape.

COMMENTS: I initially did this for my rehab counselor friends. They're the ones who got into the business with idealistic aspirations of saving the world only to get thrown into the field where they have to tell their consumers that they have this great plan but no money. I have found, though, over the last few years, that it applies to just about everybody.


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DESCRIPTION: Hunter Green shirt with an Campy-style white design on front with a wheelchair access symbol wearing an indian headdress inside a circle of arrowheads. Outside the circle it says "Camp Can't Feel My Legs". Underneath the design it says "a special place for those who are quite severely buggered up i.e. those with Spinal cord injuries, MS, MD, Spina Bifida, CP, Post-Polio, Circulatory problems and Amputations (except those who think they can feel their legs). Aw heck, them too.

COMMENTS: I have a hard time with patronizing camp names of camps for kids with disabilities that seem to be meant more for soliciting donations than for empowering kids. Maybe I'll do one that says "Camp Lucky-to-be-Alive".


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DESCRIPTION: White shirt with Teal letters arching over front saying, "Chronologically Gifted"

COMMENTS: For all our older friends. O.K....for us too.


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DESCRIPTION: Lake Blue shirt with White lettering on the front, saying "All I want is for the illusion of competence to pass over me once a day."

COMMENTS: Isn't this something we all want on a daily basis. I know I do. It is a quote from a friend of mine, Nancy Gabalac, one of my wisest and wittiest CIL buddies.