We celebrate the human spirit:  its diversity, power and potential.

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CLOSER LOOKBelong shirt image. See text description below ORDER IT

DESCRIPTION: Light beige shirt with Red heart on front surrounded by a hunter green border of people holding hands. Some are in wheelchairs. Inside the heart it says: "Within the heart of each community, everyone belongs." On back there is a dictionary format definition of the word belong also in hunter green. It reads: Belong, verb. 1: to feel and be a part of. i.e. of a community, a workplace, a neighborhood or school; 2: to enjoy a sense of contribution, value, self-worth 3: to truly believe one is a natural and equal part of the whole 4: comfortable, safe, cared for, welcome.

COMMENTS: The concept of belonging is a no brainer. So why do people still exclude? Fear? Probably. This is one of my favorite shirts. I designed it for friends at Ohio Public Images for DD Month in March of 95. Check out their address in the friends section.


CLOSER LOOKEqual shirt image. See text description below ORDER IT

DESCRIPTION: Hunter green shirt with beautiful orange, black and red artwork on front of symbols deplicting the phrase "Not greater than, Not less than, but Equal to".

COMMENTS: Spread the "One big US Theory"


CLOSER LOOKI Get It shirt image. See text description below ORDER IT

DESCRIPTION: Big yellow light bulb and white letters on black rectangle on front of cedar color shirt. Sizes 2X and above have same artwork on hunter green shirt. Sweatshirts are all hunter green. There is one of my quotes next to the light bulb. It reads: "If there is such a thing as Us and Them, it is not between black and white, old and young, disabled and non, male and female, gay and straight, catholic, protestant, buddhist, etc., etc., etc., blah, blah, blah. It is between those who get it and those who do not."

COMMENTS: Too much of our societal angst comes from the sharp focus we tend to place on the differences we see in others. We get caught up in the "Us and Them" baggage these differences bring forward. This usually results in some sort of fear-based reaction: avoidance, alienation, discrimination. If there is an "Us" and "Them" it is between those able to see the painful injustice of segregation and discriminatory behavior and the need to accept and respect diversity and those who do not.


CLOSER LOOKOpen shirt image. See text description below ORDER IT

DESCRIPTION: Black shirt with the word "Open..." written on front in rainbow blend.

COMMENTS: This shirt begs the question "Open to what?" to which one might reply "What do you have in mind?" Great conversation starter.

COMMENTS: Here is the one disability, no, not disability, handicap (in no way synonymous) so sinister, so pervasive, it can be found at the very core of man’s inhumanity to man. It blinds eyes to bigotry and hatred and closes the mind and heart to thoughts of equity, respect and new ways of solving archaic problems. We must work to erradicate it from the planet.



DESCRIPTION: White shirt with a beautiful colorful watercolor of a man with a ramp to his head. Out of his open hat, people of many traditions are zooming out. The caption reads: "Ramp Your Mind."

COMMENTS: This shirt begs the question "And just what does ramping one's mind mean?"...another great conversation starter.


CLOSER LOOKTolerance shirt image. See text description below ORDER IT

DESCRIPTION: Black shirt with red lettering saying "Understanding makes tolerance unnecessary".

COMMENTS: I did this to make the point that far too often we stop short, settling for mere tolerance of others instead of true understanding. It is true understanding, after all, which dispels fear and encourages a sense of true community.


CLOSER LOOKTogether shirt image. See text description below ORDER IT

DESCRIPTION: Gold/yellow, Brick Red, black and white design on front of leaf green shirt. Design includes a native american dreamcatcher with people of different ethnicities and disabilities holding on around it. Each has a heart on their chest with a strand connecting them. Below it says "Together We Can" and real small it says, "Many hearts working as one". Around the design it says, "To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe."

COMMENTS: A friend in Michigan asked if I could take the people off the "PEACE" shirt and the dreamcatcher from the "Together" shirt. This is what our collective work came up with. It is one of my favorites. Thanks Patt!


CLOSER LOOKUnder the Sun Shirt Image ORDER IT

DESCRIPTION: Gold/yellow, Brick Red, design on front of black shirt. Design includes a stylized sun with red words that say, "Everyone is equal under the sun."

COMMENTS: One of our most striking and popular shirts. Pretty inclusive message.