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For over ten years, The Nth Degree has been doing custom image development for organizations and conferences across North America. Whether you are a grass-roots advocacy or parent support group, a CIL or school, a fledgling business start up or a well established entity, we can work with you to get your message across. With our fingers on the pulse of progressive thought regarding the Disability Culture and Perspective, we can help insure that your message uses the latest terminology, artwork, etc. Our work has included everything from shirts to posters to brochures to banners, vehicle lettering, buttons, you name it. No job is too large or small and all are treated with professionalism and the importance they deserve.

a custom design of a conference shirt saying "I have reached out and touched the face of tomorrow"image of a custom conference shirt saying "believe in yourself and the bridge will be there."image of a custom conference shirt for The Humor Projectimage of custom shirt for partners in leadership in colorado


TWO OF THE BEAUTIFUL THINGS about T-shirts and their like is that everybody wears them and everybody reads them. Take a cool design and a great philosophical quote that rings true to you and your conference and we can't think of a more random and serendipitous way to share and promote your existence and feelings with the world.

Last minute walk-ins a logistical nightmare? Have a pile of old conference t-shirts not only taking up valuable space but putting you off ever ordering shirts again? Talk to us about our great
pre-registration incentive program that gets you a cool conference design in just the right numbers and sizes you need.

image of various logos


LOGO DEVELOPMENT as well, including whole packages: Letterhead, Business Cards, Brochures, Multi-page Booklets, Conference Displays, Book Bags, Posters, Vinyl Banners, Buttons, Bumper stickers, Specialty Items, flags, etc. Simple or complicated. We love the challenge. We can work with your artists or build from your ideas. Need photos in your package? We use two of the top photographers in the country for any photo work. Give us a call. Glad to be a part of your next project.

In case you are wondering, not all custom work is done on white shirts. We can put your work on a multitude of colors and styles: t's, polos, golf shirts, jackets, pocket t's, hooded sweats, aprons, blah, blah, blah. Hats too, if you are into hats.

So ... if you are in need of some customized work, or, if you would like a humorous, intellectual, all-around nice guy as a speaker at your next event, drop me an email or give me a call (the numbers are shown at left). My C.V., Bio and photo is at the bottom of the About Us Page.

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