We celebrate the human spirit:  its diversity, power and potential.

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As this web site grows, we would love to hear your thoughts and concerns regarding its direction. We want this to become a celebration of our Disability Culture. As such we want to include other products, artwork, poetry, stories, links, etc. If you, know of or have a site to suggest, please send it along.

If you know of any advocacy info to pass along, let us help disseminate, or, if you are wanting advice or direction, let us help get you to the right person.

I, (Dan), am the only one here who is quasi computer literate so changes have been slow in coming. With Beth back to work I will be able to dedicate more time and effort to developing and maintaining this site. We currently have many links to add that have come over the past year. I will be adding them in the next few weeks. If you have a site for us to consider, we would strongly suggest that it be "Bobby Approved". Bobby gives suggestions on how to make your site work for everyone. Our philosophy includes access for ALL surfers, including those who use alternative formats. For more info on Bobby, click here.

To contact us about anything at all. please click Wheelchairboy@glasscity.net

We look forward to hearing from you.

Dan, Patt, Beth, and Taylor






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